Almost every marketer knows the importance of using website heatmaps

Anyone can create and configure a website heatmap - it`s quite intuitive and takes a couple of minutes.

The struggle is in turning that heatmap data into valuable conversion insights. This is where most people fall short.

Not everyone knows how to identify major conversion opportunities in heatmaps data. Not everyone knows exactly what to look for in heat map data.

Fortunately, the skill of turning heatmap data into conversion insights is something that can be mastered through training.

This is exactly why we are bringing you the Heatmap Analysis Workshop.



John Donnelly

The best Heatmap course out there!

I thought heatmaps were simple, turns out I've been missing on low-hanging fruits for conversion optimization that Khalid talks about.


Ben Crist

Don't miss out on it if you are a CMO.

I'm a CMO and we do conversion optimization on a small scale internally, after what I learned from Khalid I'm ready to offer much more insights and actions for my team to optimize our website.


David Meza

I never know I can know such info without having a CRO specialist point it out for me

Khalid showed us how he reads and analyzes heatmaps which have been eye-opening for me because I run a small ecommerce business and I run heatmaps to know what goes on my site, but Khalid pointed out things that flew past me in the past.


Daniel Pana

Great course, nothing like it on the internet

I've seen videos about heatmaps over on YouTube and CRO courses that talked about heatmaps briefly but I've never seen a course that goes into detail about heatmaps and what to look for and what to avoid, it's great!


Alysson Thiel

Doesn't matter your business, the insights are valid!

I thought this course would be directed at a specific niche of business like eCommerce or SaaS but the insights are applicable on any site which is convenient because I have an agency and I design websites for my clients all the time.

What`s Different About This Workshop

Get A Repeatable Process

You already know what a heatmap is, and how it works. But you now need a heatmap analysis process that helps you get repeatable results.

Real-Life Practical Examples

In creating this workshop, we brainstormed different examples and handpicked the best that will help you understand how to turn heatmap data into conversion insights.

Get Bite-Sized Training

Unlike most heatmap blogs, podcasts, and webinars out there. We focus on actionable and up-to-date lessons that you can use to analyze heat maps right away.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Using Heatmaps to Uncover Hidden Conversion Insights

    • Intro to heatmaps

    • How does heatmap software work?

    • Setting up heatmaps

    • Setting up heatmaps - live example

    • Anatomy of a heatmap

    • Analyzing heatmaps

    • Heatmaps vs. Session recordings

    • Common heatmap mistakes

    • Heatmaps should drive your AB testing

    • Heatmap software - selecting the right heatmap software for your business

    • The slides

    • Download the slides

  • 2

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

Who this Workshop is for?


who want to understand how visitors navigate through their website

CRO Specialists

Who want to uncover conversion bottlenecks on their sites.

UX/UI Designers

Who want to strategically create the best interactive web designs.

Freelance Developers

Who want to create websites that users will love.

Meet Your Instructor: THE OG in CRO

Meet Your Instructor: THE OG in CRO

Hello, this is Khalid Saleh - the co-founder of Invesp (the 2nd CRO company in the US) and FigPii.

It's been 16 years since I started doing conversion optimization and I've analyzed over 26,000 website heatmaps. In this course, I show you an in-depth framework I use to turn heatmaps data into conversion insights.

You can learn it too and use it to set up and analyze heatmaps on any type of website. I pulled out several real-life case studies to make this course more interesting and understandable. The framework I show you in this course is the kind I wish I had when I started out in 2006.


Frequently Asked Questions – About the Workshop

  • How long does it take to complete this masterclass?

    The Heatmap Analysis Masterclass is short, and you can finish it in 2 to 3 hours.

  • How long will I have access to the masterclass?

    Once you enroll in the Heatmap Analysis Masterclass you will have lifetime access to it.

  • Is this masterclass downloadable?

    No. You can only view the videos through the platform and they are not downloadable. But you can easily take screenshots for items like course worksheets.

  • What skills will I learn from this?

    The main idea of this masterclass is to show you how to turn heatmap data into actionable conversion insights. You will also learn how to create website heatmaps on any website using a tool like FigPii.

  • What equipment/tool will I need to complete the course?

    You will only need to have a computer with a good internet connection. We use the FigPii heatmaps in this course, but all the lessons you will learn can be applied on any website using any heatmapping tool.

  • What if I’m unhappy with the course?

    Oh no! If you feel like this masterclass didn’t live up to your expectations, let us know by emailing and we will gladly give you 100% of your money back.

  • What do I do if I need help?

    For any questions about accessing the course materials or your billing, email If you have a question about heatmap analysis, we encourage you to reach out to the course instructor, Khalid, via LinkedIn.

Start Learning All About Heatmaps Today!